Sera Siporax TM Mini 270g

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Sera Siporax TM Mini 270g is a pack of professional-grade bio-media wafers suitable for filtration systems in marine and fresh water aquariums. These smaller media rings are suitable for tanks with a water capacity up to 200 litres and can be quickly and easily placed within your filter box to replace used media and remove harmful bacteria in tanks and ponds. The key features of the Sera Siporax TM Mini 270g are:
  • Filter media suitable for filtration systems and boxes in tanks and ponds.
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater tanks.
  • Ring-shaped filters cover a greater surface area to ensure maximum biological purification.
  • Mini rings suitable for tanks with a capacity up to 200 litres.
  • Easy-to-use mesh bag with contents can simply be placed inside your filter box for fuss-free set-up.
  • Removes bacterial build-up to ensure a disease-free environment.
  • Eliminates organic and inorganic pollutants including ammonium, nitrates, and nitrites.
  • Reduces the growth and development rate of unwanted algae.
  • Long-lasting for best efficiency.
  • 270g pack.
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