Yours Droolly Ear Cleaner 125ml

Designer: Yours Droolly

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Yours Droolly Ear Cleaner 125ml is a mild cleansing formula designed for everyday use to help clean and maintain your dog’s ears. This gentle solution helps to clean the ear canal, dissolves oil and wax, and removes debris and dirt including crusts and scales from around the ear to reduce the risk of infection and leave your pup with freshly washed and comfortable ears. The key features of Yours Droolly Ear Cleaner 125ml are:
  • Safe and mild ear solution designed for regular use as part of a routine cleaning schedule.
  • Suitable for everyday use and all breeds and ages.
  • Cleans the inner ear and dissolves build-ups of wax and oil.
  • Cleans the outer ear by removing dirt, crusts, and debris.
  • Non-irritant formula for a comfortable, pain-free clean.
  • Minimises the risk of developing infections and ear-related health issues.
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